Teeth in One Day

Teeth in One Day

Improve your life in ONE DAY!

Permanent Dental ImplantsPermanent Teeth-in-1-Day Dental Implants utilize the newest technology to provide a long-term and lasting solution to missing teeth. If you have lost teeth or are at risk of losing them, Teeth-in-1-Day Dental Implants can provide you with a beautiful smile by placing 4 or more dental implants in the upper and/or lower jaw which support a full set of permanent teeth in just one day.

  • Excellent aesthetics and high success rates
  • Immediate function
  • Maximum results in the shortest amount of time
  • NO bone grafting required
  • Simple surgical and prosthetic protocol
  • Minimal discomfort and quick recovery
  • Long-term results and Minimal Maintenance
  • Increase youthful appearance
  • Improve quality of life and self-confidence
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Ask Peter Iapichino DD if you might be a candidate for Teeth in One Day.

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